Jenny Hval, Dinner @ Resident


Jenny Hval and Dinner Come Together at Resident to Light Up a Dark Week

Originally appeared on Grimy Goods. Words and cheesy photo edits by me.

Without meaning to, Hval ended up addressing our recent election several times. She decided not to show us a video of zombies doing aerobics because it didn’t “feel appropriate,” then she stopped herself to apologize. “Everything I say feels ironic. Maybe it’s just my Norwegian-ness. But I mean all of it,” she reassured. Ironically, though, that statement is ambiguous enough to encompass every context in which she says that she meant. She means it when she mocks the media, she means it when she declares the female body sacred, and she means it when she hopes that her shows can be meaningful way of coming together. Neither she nor Dinner actually ever explicitly declared that we can overcome this wave of bigotry and hate, but they didn’t need to. Dinner lifted our spirits and Jenny inspired us to fight. Organize locally and have your voice heard- this battle is far from over.

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Jenny Hval | website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Bandcamp | Soundcloud

Dinner | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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