The Cost of Our Future According to Absolutely Free

I would like to use this space to rectify the blurb I wrote about Costa Rican musician and producer Jorge Elbrecht when I gushed over No Joy’s Motherhood last year. The passage where I intended to give him his due feels now like I was trying desperately to sound aloof, not wanting to admit that this person actually has a ton of clout beyond his … Continue reading The Cost of Our Future According to Absolutely Free

Best Songs of 2020: 3. Khuê

sawdustandgin: Recent Synthwave Singles Push Khuê Into Pastel Bedroom Pop Territory Originally appeared on Grimy Goods.  With the turn of the calendar comes new goals and fresh experiences. For Khuê, 2021, or more specifically the next album he releases, will serve as a milestone in his career. The SoCal musician has made music for years, but his recent singles are the only he has released … Continue reading Best Songs of 2020: 3. Khuê

Jenny Hval, Dinner @ Resident

sngshows: Jenny Hval and Dinner Come Together at Resident to Light Up a Dark Week Originally appeared on Grimy Goods. Words and cheesy photo edits by me. Without meaning to, Hval ended up addressing our recent election several times. She decided not to show us a video of zombies doing aerobics because it didn’t “feel appropriate,” then she stopped herself to apologize. “Everything I say … Continue reading Jenny Hval, Dinner @ Resident

Mating Ritual is Crowned “King of the Doves” on Their First Single Since Hot Content LP Originally appeared on Grimy Goods. The brothers of local alternative pop group Mating Ritual have been wrestling with their ego. Their brand new single “King of the Doves” was the first song they wrote in their newly built studio, intended to simply be an audio test for all their … Continue reading