Makaya McCraven – “Dream Another”

Makaya McCraven released a live version of “Dream Another,” a single off of his newest album, In These Times, so I listened to both for the first time. I have a deep appreciation for each; the studio version is lush and addictive while the live rendition is teeming with passion. It is more apparent McCraven’s control over the dreamy jam when you can see his … Continue reading Makaya McCraven – “Dream Another”

Sunny War – “No Reason”

Sunny War is full of contradictions, most obviously including the Nashville musician’s moniker. Also, take into account the album art and title for Anarchist Gospel—or is it more of an oxymoron? She acknolwedges the duality on the Bandcamp liner notes, in a sense: “I feel like there are two sides of me… One of them is very self-destructive, and the other is trying to work … Continue reading Sunny War – “No Reason”

Matt Evans – “Saprotrophia”

Whiel I have not yet heard all of Soft Science, the new LP from Brooklyn’s Matt Evans, I can tell it has many lessons within. On the singles, “Saprotrophia” and “Alocasia,” Evans takes science class outside—both opaque song titles refer to fungi and house plants, and the full record promises much more. Matt Evans | order Soft Science | website | Twitter | Instagram | … Continue reading Matt Evans – “Saprotrophia”

Tearing Up – “Monarch”

Torn up I am, after hearing the touching indie rock single “Monarch” by Tearing Up. My ears delight in the gruff musicianship that reminds me of Don Vail and Billy Moon. Imagine my surprise! when I discovered that Tearing Up is the new moniker for Graham Caldwell, who is officially shedding Billy Moon—as suggested by Tearing Up’s EP title: Billy is Dead. Tearing Up | … Continue reading Tearing Up – “Monarch”

Bileebob – “Star Cross”

New release from Bileebob dropped via International Anthem and centers around “Star Cross,” the dark house A-side. On wax, two remixes take up the B-side of the record, Derek Plaslaiko’s interpretation of “Star Cross” and an alternate mix of Bileebob’s previously released “Network”; digitally, two additional tracks are included for International Anthem’s Bandcamp supporters. Bileebob | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | Soundcloud | Bandcamp … Continue reading Bileebob – “Star Cross”

Laraaji, Sonic Preacher, Performs a Sermon Like No Other

Ambient Church has always been an aspirational ticket that I hoped to one day purchase. Its price point is high and the venues are not typical—real-life, grandiose houses of worship. I also couldn’t be sure what kind of event it really was, though of course it varies by the guest of honor. Or so I’d imagine, this was my first time after all. And I … Continue reading Laraaji, Sonic Preacher, Performs a Sermon Like No Other