Matt Evans – “Saprotrophia”

Whiel I have not yet heard all of Soft Science, the new LP from Brooklyn’s Matt Evans, I can tell it has many lessons within. On the singles, “Saprotrophia” and “Alocasia,” Evans takes science class outside—both opaque song titles refer to fungi and house plants, and the full record promises much more. Matt Evans | order Soft Science | website | Twitter | Instagram | … Continue reading Matt Evans – “Saprotrophia”

Moor Mother – “ODE TO MARY (feat. Orion Sun and Jason Moran)” & “EVENING (feat. Wolf Weston)”

As an album, Jazz Codes is a masterpiece of musical realism. There are layers of texture between each vocalist’s breath, helped a great deal by the experimental nature of the production. Jazz, itself another kind of experiment, is the perfect vessel for an existential journey. The short film defines numerous more layers, adding an entirely new dimension to each track. Moor Mother | order Jazz … Continue reading Moor Mother – “ODE TO MARY (feat. Orion Sun and Jason Moran)” & “EVENING (feat. Wolf Weston)”

Adam Harding & Thor Harris – “C Major for Bonnie”

Bonnie Rides With Us, or at least parts of the 6-track record, was originally 22 minutes, written and recorded by duo Adam Harding and Thor Harris with the intent to bring comfort to their friend Bonnie who had suffered a stroke. Readers may know this friend as Bonnie Mercer, Australian guitarist for Harding’s band, Dumb Numbers (not to mention the rest of her rich career) … Continue reading Adam Harding & Thor Harris – “C Major for Bonnie”

Best Albums of 2021, 11-20 (part 2)

Alice Phoebe Lou – Glow The first of two records released by Alice Phoebe Lou in 2021, Glow is filled with yearning. The South African artist discusses matters of the heart among cool, sparse soft rock. Vocals on the title track have a sassy lilt that embraces the guitar progression, all of which amounts to Lou’s brand of psych rock. There is much beauty in simplicity, … Continue reading Best Albums of 2021, 11-20 (part 2)

Best Albums of 2021, 11-20 (part 1)

Bryan Away – Canyons to Sawdust On the pastoral Canyons and Sawdust, Bryan Away’s storytelling is given the perfect stage. Among the tales he sings is a nod to Ingmar Bergman’s miniseries (you may know its adaptation with Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain) and that track’s direct foil, the jaunty “Scenes from a Wedding.” The title of Away’s summer LP derives from an analogy in an … Continue reading Best Albums of 2021, 11-20 (part 1)

TRZTN – “Hieroglyphs” feat. Karen O

Deciphering the “Hieroglyphs” by TRZTN Featuring Karen O, Pulled From Royal Dagger Ballet LP Out Now Originally appeared on Grimy Goods.  The writing’s on the wall—now all we have to do is decipher it. Musician and composer Tristan Bechet, known professionally as TRZTN, has released a new single, “Hieroglyphs” featuring Karen O. Along with several other evocative tracks pulled from the collaborative album, “Hieroglyphs” builds … Continue reading TRZTN – “Hieroglyphs” feat. Karen O