Planningtorock & Tyler Holmes – “Planningtoconfuse”

I love to seek meaning from everything artistic, but maybe this is a sign. It’s not necessary to understand something to love it. So please, confuse me! Planningtorock | website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify | Soundcloud | Bandcamp Tyler Holmes | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Bandcamp Continue reading Planningtorock & Tyler Holmes – “Planningtoconfuse”

Compro Oro – “Bitcoins”

Ghent-based Compro Oro use xylophones and guitars to comment on contemporary ways folks are digging for a new kind of gold. Band leader and composer Wim Segers created these new compositions often on piano or vibes in a more analogue way, leaving enough room for his band mates to colour each track when fine tuning the song. Segers was inspired by the world of crypto … Continue reading Compro Oro – “Bitcoins”

Quintessential & Eddou XL – “Playing Friends”

The groovy and silly red record, My Cheese Budget Is Growing, which is the debut for Quintessential, is excellent for many lyrical (and frankly theatrical) achievements as well as for the smooth beats provided by Eddou XL. “Playing Friends,” especially in context, goes unbelievably hard—and I can’t help but fixate on the openness of the final line of the chorus and song: “I made a … Continue reading Quintessential & Eddou XL – “Playing Friends”

Team Me – “Green Crystal Rain on a Star”

This Norwegian group has been a favorite of mine for over a decade, and they are the epitome of youthful bliss. Their music always takes me all the way back, way before I started listening to their music, back to when I was just a kid fumbling around in a world I had yet to understand (not that I’ve figured it out since then). Team … Continue reading Team Me – “Green Crystal Rain on a Star”

HANDSOME and St. South – “Blame (St. South remix)”

HANDSOME is a martyr. The original “Blame” single was ripe for a remix, with all its distinct electronic elements and enveloping vocals. What was it missing, you may be asking? Chops and drops. Though they’re not exactly drops, just exciting build-up to a wonderful jaunt in the park. Regardless, thanks, St. South! I’ll be adding to my party playlist which I listen to as I … Continue reading HANDSOME and St. South – “Blame (St. South remix)”

Lomond Campbell – “The Mountain and the Pendulum”

Legendary looper Lomond Campbell borrows some magnificent symbols for “The Mountain and the Pendulum.” It does make me consider the sheer insignificance of our planet, typically realized at the summit of a peak. It also feels as though it moves with the earth, in a complementary rhythm—though that could just be the dramatic bassline. Lomond Campbell | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Bandcamp Continue reading Lomond Campbell – “The Mountain and the Pendulum”