Gain a fresh perspective with Odessey & Oracle’s new album, Speculatio



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Speculatio boasts a melting pot of influences, maintaining its heavy flutes and harps while introducing beeps and hums that change the album’s perspective. Even with my limited knowledge of French, it is evident that motifs in the lyrics also tie into the conspicuously psychedelic instrumentation. The story on this concept album is bookended with goddesses and gods, but machines insert themselves into the narrative, integrating drones into vocals on “J’ai Vu Un Croco” and the baroque instrumentation on “L’Horizon Tombe.” A cacophony of cold synths and percussion break up “Les Déesses,” the opening track, having lured us in with trumpets only to shove us through a shimmering portal to another world. 

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<a href=“”>Speculatio by Odessey & Oracle</a><a href=“”>Speculatio by Odessey & Oracle</a>

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