Since I’m not a very religious person, my experience with holy water is rather limited, or more like, non-existent. I have a feeling Tanners’ Holy Water is much more a ravishing and pleasant experience, spirituality aside. The New York City based songwriting and production act (Tanner Peterson) drenches us with seductive psych-pop and steamy plush synthpop on the luscious smoldering, opulent rippling song. Known as a woman with a strong passion for creative production and engineering, Tanners strives to encourage women to take charge of their own productions as she has with her music. She was even invited as a performer at Ted Talks symposium for TEDxTeen in 2017, and she was the face for British visual artist Shantell Martin’s collaboration with Puma, too. Holy Water’s slick, ethereal synth world is a molten field of lava in which we find ourselves fully, gladly engulfed. Inspired by her childhood love for the beach, Holy Water celebrates the beauty and electricity born from allowing yourself to be completely vulnerable and enveloped by the ocean. “It’s a thank you song to the ocean for teaching me to embrace vulnerability,” Tanners says of the track. We’ll be keeping an eye out for more music from Tanners. Holy Water is available on all digital platforms, now. 

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