O Future – “And You’re Mine”

Surreal Video Accompanies O Future’s Affectionate Single, “And You’re Mine” Off Forthcoming Immaculate EP Originally appeared on Grimy Goods.  Don’t confuse the vibes on the newest O Future track for evil; on the contrary, it’s overwhelmed by love. The LA-based duo, comprised of Katherine Mills Rymer originally from South Africa and Jens Bjornkjaer of Denmark, is known for producing music with a deep undertow, pulling … Continue reading O Future – “And You’re Mine”

BIIANCO – “Teeth Bared”

BIIANCO Lets Go of a Toxic Relationship on Latest Single “Teeth Bared” Originally appeared on Grimy Goods. Gabby Bianco doesn’t just live, she attacks each moment with passion. And that may explain the explosion of energy on her latest single. It contains the intense pressure of a toxic relationship in quarantine—something the queer musician and producer experienced last year. “Teeth Bared” is the first single … Continue reading BIIANCO – “Teeth Bared”

Best Songs of 2020: 3. Khuê

sawdustandgin: Recent Synthwave Singles Push Khuê Into Pastel Bedroom Pop Territory Originally appeared on Grimy Goods.  With the turn of the calendar comes new goals and fresh experiences. For Khuê, 2021, or more specifically the next album he releases, will serve as a milestone in his career. The SoCal musician has made music for years, but his recent singles are the only he has released … Continue reading Best Songs of 2020: 3. Khuê

Best Videos of 2020: 2. Dresage

Best Videos of 20202. Dresage – “Who I Am” Dresage exhibits a hint of stubbornness as she embraces the journey to self-discovery on “Who I Am.” The brilliance of Keeley Bumford has been well-documented, and the sheer elegance of this music video leaves me speechless.  Dresage | SnG coverage | order the single | website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud | Bandcamp Continue reading Best Videos of 2020: 2. Dresage

Aline Bea – “Split at the Seams”

Alina Bea Fights Herself on New Single “Split at the Seams” Originally appeared on LADYGUNN.  There sure is plenty of time for self-reflection these days. If you are Alina Bea, your internal journey may lead you to find someone that you didn’t expect; her new single, “Split at the Seams,” depicts a brutal dissonance of identity. The Los Angeles-based artist also known as Alina Cutrono … Continue reading Aline Bea – “Split at the Seams”

Debut LP From Polartropica is a ‘Dream Come True’

Photo by Olivia Hemaratanatorn Originally appeared on Grimy Goods.  The title of Polartropica’s debut album, due out tomorrow and available to stream below, makes clear where the local artist is in her career. Across the 10 tracks of Dreams Come True, and spanning all the songs, videos, and shows that have come before, Polartropica is bursting at the seams with joy and encouragement. And it … Continue reading Debut LP From Polartropica is a ‘Dream Come True’