YACHT and French Vanilla Celebrate a Triumphant Return Home at the Lodge Room

Originally appeared on Grimy Goods. Words by me, photos by House of Vivian.

Evans has been the de facto lead singer ever since she joined the band, so she commanded a majority of the stage, while Bechtolt and Kieswetter typically stuck to their places behind their machines–computers, synths, and guitars–in the center-back. They played everything off their recent Strawberry Moon EP, and several other tracks from earlier records like See Mystery Lights and ITTFWBC. They even played their Brigitte Fontaine cover, “Le Goudron,” but only one song came from their 2010 record, Shangri-La: the doom-pop single, “Dystopia.” “We wrote that song seven years ago after an oil spill,” Evans told us, laughing in spite of herself. “We really thought that was the worst thing, and that we couldn’t sink any lower.” Everyone began laughing with her. Sure, that seems naive and outdated now, but it turns out that lyrics in that song reference building walls as one specific way that society around us is crumbling; needless to say, that metaphor is especially prescient today. YACHT writes music as depressing maxims, always applicable no matter how dystopian life gets.

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