Finding Solace in Ngaiire’s New Album, Blastoma



Originally appeared on Grimy Goods

On Blastoma, Ngaiire and her collaborators Paul Mac, Jack Grace, and Megan Washington create a rich texture of sounds and sentiments. Deep synths draw you into the opening track; provide an imonious pulse in “Cruel”; and, along with a number of other gorgeous tones, even create a sense of wonder in “House on a Rock.” Mac and Grace are responsible for the record’s production, which succeeds in not only creating a diverse fabric for the colorful and occasionally somber stories therein, but also complements Ngaiire’s voice in an inexplicable way. Her vocal acrobatics, though subtle, are hard to ignore. The way she bounces along with the rhymes in “Diggin” or the bassline in “Once” are infectious enough; couple that with the genuine emotion of every lyric, and I am reduced to a puddle. Her sharp cries in “I Can’t Hear God Anymore” mimic the pain of my own loss, and while it still hurts, listening to that track comforts me.

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Best Albums of 2016

1. NgaiireBlastoma

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