Matt Evans – “Saprotrophia”

Whiel I have not yet heard all of Soft Science, the new LP from Brooklyn’s Matt Evans, I can tell it has many lessons within. On the singles, “Saprotrophia” and “Alocasia,” Evans takes science class outside—both opaque song titles refer to fungi and house plants, and the full record promises much more. Matt Evans | order Soft Science | website | Twitter | Instagram | … Continue reading Matt Evans – “Saprotrophia”

Lomond Campbell – “The Mountain and the Pendulum”

Legendary looper Lomond Campbell borrows some magnificent symbols for “The Mountain and the Pendulum.” It does make me consider the sheer insignificance of our planet, typically realized at the summit of a peak. It also feels as though it moves with the earth, in a complementary rhythm—though that could just be the dramatic bassline. Lomond Campbell | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Bandcamp Continue reading Lomond Campbell – “The Mountain and the Pendulum”