Planningtorock & Tyler Holmes – “Planningtoconfuse”

I love to seek meaning from everything artistic, but maybe this is a sign. It’s not necessary to understand something to love it. So please, confuse me! Planningtorock | website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify | Soundcloud | Bandcamp Tyler Holmes | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Bandcamp Continue reading Planningtorock & Tyler Holmes – “Planningtoconfuse”

Compro Oro – “Bitcoins”

Ghent-based Compro Oro use xylophones and guitars to comment on contemporary ways folks are digging for a new kind of gold. Band leader and composer Wim Segers created these new compositions often on piano or vibes in a more analogue way, leaving enough room for his band mates to colour each track when fine tuning the song. Segers was inspired by the world of crypto … Continue reading Compro Oro – “Bitcoins”

HANDSOME and St. South – “Blame (St. South remix)”

HANDSOME is a martyr. The original “Blame” single was ripe for a remix, with all its distinct electronic elements and enveloping vocals. What was it missing, you may be asking? Chops and drops. Though they’re not exactly drops, just exciting build-up to a wonderful jaunt in the park. Regardless, thanks, St. South! I’ll be adding to my party playlist which I listen to as I … Continue reading HANDSOME and St. South – “Blame (St. South remix)”

[Various Artists] – Lefto presents Jazz Cats Volume 2

Can’t say no to a well-curated compilation, especially not its sequel. As a non-jazzhead, I was surprised to hear a number of genres that I wasn’t expecting from an album called Lefto Presents Jazz Cats Volume 2. It is an overt reminder that jazz comes in many forms…and usually includes a fabulous instrumental solo. Sdban Records | buy Lefto Presents Jazz Cats Volume 2 Dishwasher_ … Continue reading [Various Artists] – Lefto presents Jazz Cats Volume 2

Tama Gucci is on the Cusp of Everything

As a music journalist, I’ve perpetually disappointed friends by not knowing who is the Next Big Thing. I don’t even know what the “in” genres are anymore, though I know from countless essays that hyperpop is having a moment in the limelight. The concept is a style I’ve been fascinated by for ages, but never had a word for. The movement that began with arrhythmic, … Continue reading Tama Gucci is on the Cusp of Everything