Powerful Producers Empress Of and Banoffee Share Stage at Club Bahia for 30 Days in LA



Originally appeared on Grimy Goods. Photos courtesy of Red Bull Sound Select. 

“Imagine if Banoffee played with Empress Of,” my roommate joked with me last summer. I had just told him that Empress Of was coming to the Echo, and around that time I had been gushing about Banoffee’s masterful second EP, Do I Make You Nervous? It clearly amused him to tease me about two of my favorite artists actually coming together at the same show. “I’d die,” I replied, thinking that this combination of two artists at different points in their careers and across continents would be pretty unlikely. And though I did nearly have a heart attack when I saw that they would be performing together for Red Bull Sound Select’s 30 Days in LA, I am still very much alive. I have yet to shake off the excitement from their show at Club Bahia this past Monday night.

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I couldn’t resist. 

Empress Of | website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud

Banoffee | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Bandcamp | Soundcloud

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