Serena Isioma – “King”

Up-and-coming Star Serena Isioma is Crowned as “King” on New Single

Originally appeared on Grimy Goods

Chicago-based artist Serena Isioma is ready for their coronation. Earlier this year, Isioma (say: e-seeohma) released Sensitive, an eclectic, genre-smashing EP which caught the attention of critics. For a first body of work, it’s impressive, featuring elements from across the alternative and emo scenes. The new single proves that Sensitive was just the beginning: on “King,” produced by Saint Lewis, Serena Isioma centers joyful Black femme experiences while simultaneously declaring self-acceptance.

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Serena Isioma | buy Sensitive EP | website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

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