EMÆL – “3/4 In”

Straddling Childhood & Adulthood, EMÆL Debut “3/4 In” Off Forthcoming LP

Originally appeared on Grimy Goods

As Hispanic Heritage Month draws to a close, Grimy Goods honors local group EMÆL, led by Emmanuel Ventura-Cruess. The Fullerton native is half-Mexican and has a bunch of new music ready for all to hear. Last month, the band released a new single, “THREE60,” an even-tempered yet mystical indie rock tune, and today they have another to share. Below, watch the video for “3/4 In,” a labyrinthine production that reflects the haze of confusion facing millennials today.

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Three60 by EMÆL

“3/4 In” refers to the period between childhood and adulthood that many young people today can relate to, myself very much included. What in your life, if anything, prompted you to write this song?

Emmanuel Ventura-Cruess: I wrote the song because there I was at 25, living in the same bedroom I had been in since I was 5. Many of my friends were in the same boat: still at their parents. If you think about how our grandparents/parents already had their kids and houses by that age, but here we are still going around partying and traveling with no cares or responsibilities but also with no place to call our own… It’s just really absurd. A whole generation of people stuck three-quarters into adulthood. It’s a privilege of course (lots of young people around the world are forced to become adults at terribly young ages) but it’s also simply the reality for many people in their 20s in the US, especially here in California.

Just over a month ago, you put out the alluring song “THREE60.” Am I sensing a numerical pattern in the song titles?

EVC: Haha! I had the same thought when I started putting these songs together a while back… There is one more song with numbers in the title but I wasn’t trying to do anything clever.

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