Tom Misch is about to have a huge 2018. His long-awaited debut LP Geography is due out in April and he’s got a tour planned from March to May spanning Europe and North America. As you would imagine, he did spend a great deal of 2017 creating the sure-to-be masterpiece, but he also took a break for a week to spontaneously write, record, and release a new EP, aptly titled 5 Day Mischon. “For Carol,” named for Misch’s mother–who also created the album art–is filled with layers of violin for an enchanting cinematic journey. Misch even released a short film about the making of the project, suggesting that Day 5 might be his favorite out of them all for putting him out of his comfort zone of funk and jazz inspired beats. 

Best Songs of 2017

8. Tom Misch – Day 5: For Carol feat. Tobie Tripp

Tom Misch | website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

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