[Originally posted in May, but the embed had broken.] Lauren Ruth Ward hits full throttle on the highly personal single, “Blue Collar Sex Kitten.” This is the most recent of a series of new tracks Ward’s released this year, which is a promising sign of something bigger coming soon.  [Editor’s note: The single will appear on Ward’s upcoming LP, Well Hell, due out in February.] … Continue reading

“Ripe” is the brilliant new collab between Banoffee and SOPHIE, who has been releasing her own new original tunes lately. Equal parts industrial techno and bubbling pop, this jam will assault your senses.  Best Songs of 2017 2. Banoffee – Ripe Banoffee | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | @marthabanoffee  Continue reading

sawdustandgin: Sarah Beatty’s vocals soar in every way in this acoustic rendition of “Bandit Queen.” This is the title track of Beatty’s upcoming “folk fable” record, out 2/3.  Best Songs of 2017 4. Sarah Beatty – Bandit Queen Sarah Beatty | website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud | Bandcamp Source: SoundCloud / SarahBeattyca Continue reading

sawdustandgin: This arty punk song is rougher than Ought, but still in the same hypnotic fuzz rock vein. “Energy” appears on the newest album from B Boys, Dada, out 6/16 on Captured Tracks. Best Songs of 2017 5. B Boys – Energy B Boys | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Bandcamp | @bboysdada  Dada by B Boys Continue reading

Best Songs of 2017

sawdustandgin: ALASKALASKA are the latest to add their own distinct art rock stamp to the scene in London. Between Everything Everything and Dutch Uncles, they are in good company. Their debut single, “Bitter Winter.” is intoxicating and infectious, incorporating quasi-nonsense phrases into the rhythm such as, “why do cats purr under the sun?” or “my voice is made of lithium.” The video conveys some of … Continue reading Best Songs of 2017

Chopped up beats and beeps are the core of Benjamin Munoz’s early 2017 track, “Melle,” which proved to only be a promotional single leading into his June EP, Fear and Its Variants. This did not appear on that record, but “Melle” still stands out as some of Munoz’s most enlightened work.  Best Songs of 2017 7. Benjamin Munoz – Melle Benjamin Munoz | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram … Continue reading

Tom Misch is about to have a huge 2018. His long-awaited debut LP Geography is due out in April and he’s got a tour planned from March to May spanning Europe and North America. As you would imagine, he did spend a great deal of 2017 creating the sure-to-be masterpiece, but he also took a break for a week to spontaneously write, record, and release … Continue reading

sawdustandgin: The restrained melodies and brass whines of “Stay Here” mimic the oppressive feeling of being trapped in an uncomfortable situation. Take a (subtle) cue from Henry Green, and leave.  Best Songs of 2017 9. Henry Green – Stay Here Henry Green | website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud Source: SoundCloud / Henry Green Continue reading