NVDES Bare All on La NVDITÉ Vol 1


Originally appeared on Grimy Goods

NVDES is an art collective based in LA, comprised of Josh Ocean, Madi Diaz and Sam Van Vleet, who convene in “Vibe City, Utah,” also known as Ocean’s living room. With NVDES, he can jam and experiment; it is a departure from his other band, Ghost Beach, who create high energy, structured pop. Ocean explained, “the goal of my new project was for me to be Nude, meaning honest and unapologetic with my work.” (Line of Best Fit) The band’s name is taken from a neon sign above a strip club, which is also appropriate since it’s unapologetically salacious as well.

NVDES | see them at the Fonda 9/20 | listen to La NVDITÉ Vol. 1 EP | website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud

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