Lo Moon Pull Back Shroud at Teragram Ballroom


When does a band “make it”? After a successful album? Upon landing a prominent sync? Some think it depends on their number of fans, or how much money the artist makes on their craft. In some ways, all of these are factors in a musician’s fame, but other times, such as in the career of LA-based Lo Moon, the sheer will of the group can force it into the limelight.

Their impersonal introduction to the world was the release of their first single, “Loveless,” with a non-descript, disorienting video (see below) and that was about it. It has now become something of a symbol for the band. It is the pillar on which their career has been building and remains the only song available to the public. Judging by their merch, the band prides itself on the seven minute opus, with song title and length printed prominently on t-shirts, but it doesn’t necessarily stand out among their music. And by that, I mean, every song is a beautiful, winding odyssey that never falls under five minutes.

When I heard them play at the Teragram Ballroom opening for MUNA, their music contained progressive, jazz influences, where the instrumentation would shift subtly throughout any given track. The first time it happened, I assumed the song had simply bled into another, that is, until I heard the chorus repeat. (I briefly then wondered if it were possible they had gone full Grateful Dead and bookended one song with a different one, but even I dismissed that as too damn convoluted.) Seeing the performance live was an important lesson in the group’s dynamics, and what I gleaned from the LA Times piece on their mysterious rollout proves this over two-fold: this band has undeniable chemistry.

Lo Moon is currently sitting on at least an album’s worth of material, and seem to be revving up to make their next big step–releasing some more friggin music. When they do, it will be as joyous of a first listen as “Loveless” was, just you wait and see.

Lo Moon | tour with MUNA | website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud | @lomoonmusic

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