Motherhood by No Joy is a Fiery and Unflinching Saga

Prior to last year, I was only ever tangentially familiar with No Joy. I was vague with Wait To Pleasure and slightly more accustomed to “Califone,” and so I came to know them as a general ‘rock’ band. Imagine my surprise when I read a few reviews of Motherhood that classified the band as shoegaze. (I take my quarantine drama where I can.) Granted, most … Continue reading Motherhood by No Joy is a Fiery and Unflinching Saga

Starcrawler – “I Need to Know” feat. Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell Joins Starcrawler for Cover of “I Need to Know,” Recorded for Tom’s 70th Birthday Bash Originally appeared on Grimy Goods.  The old guard of rock and roll is not dead. Starcrawler has established itself as a band with venomous teeth, ready to infect any and everyone at their rowdy live shows. Now they are ready to merge their legacy with one of the … Continue reading Starcrawler – “I Need to Know” feat. Mike Campbell

Death Valley Girls – “The Universe”

Death Valley Girls Announce Under the Spell of Joy LP, Share Enchanting Lead Single “The Universe” Originally appeared on Grimy Goods.  For anyone seeking spiritual clarity, Death Valley Girls has some wisdom to share. The Los Angeles desert rock band has prepared a new record that both enchants and heals; it will be called Under the Spell of Joy. The album is due out just … Continue reading Death Valley Girls – “The Universe”

LA Witch – “I Wanna Lose”

With Their Sophomore LP Forthcoming, L.A. Witch Opt for a Restart on “I Wanna Lose” Originally appeared on Grimy Goods.  Loss, in many ways, is a relative concept. Unless you dropped a crisp bill from your wallet, money “lost” is more accurately money spent. Even death is illusory—the physical form may be gone but memories will always live on. Local riot grrls, L.A. Witch, take … Continue reading LA Witch – “I Wanna Lose”

VOWWS – “Impulse Control”

VOWWS Capture a Collective Unease on New Single “Impulse Control” Originally appeared on Grimy Goods.  New music from VOWWS puts our recent past through a dystopic filter. The Australian duo, now based in Los Angeles, had been relatively dormant since their sophomore album, Under the World, came out in March 2018; looking back, their focus on performing live seems like a distant dream. And their … Continue reading VOWWS – “Impulse Control”

Ramonda Hammer – “Big Hands”

Ramonda Hammer Takes the Blame on New Single “Big Hands,” Produced by Illuminati Hotties Originally appeared on Grimy Goods.  Just last summer local hard rock outfit Ramonda Hammer debuted their full-length record I Never Wanted Company, and the band moved swiftly back into the studio (figuratively or otherwise) to put together a new EP, expected to drop later this year. “Big Hands,” produced by Sarah … Continue reading Ramonda Hammer – “Big Hands”

talker – “Suck Up”

talker’s New Single Sorts Through Her Identities—Celebrate the New EP March 8 at the Bootleg Originally appeared on Grimy Goods.  It’s hard to find yourself. talker has experienced her fair share of growing pains; her new song, “Suck Up,” co-written and produced with Dan Sadin, releases all the pent-up frustration that comes with self-exploration. Perhaps in spite of the lyrics, the guitars are confident and … Continue reading talker – “Suck Up”