Best Albums of 2021, 11-20 (part 1)

Bryan Away – Canyons to Sawdust On the pastoral Canyons and Sawdust, Bryan Away’s storytelling is given the perfect stage. Among the tales he sings is a nod to Ingmar Bergman’s miniseries (you may know its adaptation with Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain) and that track’s direct foil, the jaunty “Scenes from a Wedding.” The title of Away’s summer LP derives from an analogy in an … Continue reading Best Albums of 2021, 11-20 (part 1)

Jazz Greats Explore New York with No Destination in Mind

Jazz is never stagnant. The best live players are able to hop between keys and rhythms with an acute sense of place, asking where the song is headed and where they plan to interject. The genre is generous and has infinite facets, allowing veterans and newcomers to often occupy the same spotlight. Last winter, national stalwarts came together to form New York United—both a four-piece … Continue reading Jazz Greats Explore New York with No Destination in Mind

The first time you absorb “Bad For Glass,” you may think you’re being fed subliminal messages. The bell that pauses the song briefly certainly adds to that feeling. But eventually you realize it’s just a jazz experiment gone completely overboard, and the images feel less unsettling. This track appears on Xander Naylor’s LP, Arc, which you can pick up on Bandcamp.  <a href=“”>Arc by Xander Naylor</a> Continue reading