Period. Another American Lie by B.A.L.L.

Shimmy-disc, 1987

Tracklist/ faves
A1. All is Sought in Progress
A2. Caveman
A3. Ballad of Little Richard
A4. The King Will Never Die
A5. Skull and Cross
A6. Bastard Baby Boy
A7. No Song
A8. Always
A9. Favorite Day
A10. My T.V. is Broke
A11. The French
B1. I Can Never Say
B2. Billy and the Comets
B3. Black Spring
B4. Treasure Island
B5. Fuck the Law
B6. St. Vitus Dance
B7. In the Woods
B8. Theme B.A.L.L.

Before I even begin to address the actual music contained on this here record, let’s begin with the sleeve. Not many other places could you find two fairly inconspicuous phalluses next to women’s shoes, sharing the stage with ballerinas and a very tiny photo of JFK. What they all have in common? No idea, but clearly this is some kind of artistic statement. On something. If nothing else, it draws you in, and judging from the included press release, they tried to really catch some gatekeeper’s attention. (By the way, the press release was the only reason I knew how to stylize the title of this record; the cover makes it seem like the band name is Ball Period.)

All that notwithstanding- though in all honestly, that’s exactly why I bought this LP- the music is actually a quality left-field garage rock release. The instrumentation isn’t taken for granted, these songs were definitely written with purpose. Occasionally, that purpose was political. “The King Will Never Die” is about the passing of Elvis, but mentions Nixon inexplicably. Perhaps there is a parallel being drawn between political monarchs and the influential rock n roll King of the sixties. Several tracks also reference putting an end to war, which seems more closely related to Nixon than anything else. 

Assuming they sent this to important music directors, supervisors, label executives, and whomever else, it is obvious then that the band had plans to burst into the indie music scene, but I don’t know if they succeeded. Success in 1987 didn’t look the same as it does today- I can’t look up how many tastemaker Hype Machine blogs posted their music or see how many views their videos get on YouTube. But whether they “made it” or not, I’m happy to have this memento from their career. Period. 


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