Tearing Up – “Monarch”

Torn up I am, after hearing the touching indie rock single “Monarch” by Tearing Up. My ears delight in the gruff musicianship that reminds me of Don Vail and Billy Moon. Imagine my surprise! when I discovered that Tearing Up is the new moniker for Graham Caldwell, who is officially shedding Billy Moon—as suggested by Tearing Up’s EP title: Billy is Dead. Tearing Up | … Continue reading Tearing Up – “Monarch”

Wargirl – “Dancing Gold”

Dance Along With Wargirl Until You’re Golden — New Song “Dancing Gold” Originally appeared on Grimy Goods.  That steady drum isn’t in your head, it’s coming from Wargirl’s single, “Dancing Gold,” which will appear on their upcoming LP. The local group infuses lo-fi garage rock with deep funk grooves for a nearly psychedelic experience; the brand new track also features a carnal battlecry to simply … Continue reading Wargirl – “Dancing Gold”