Alessandro Cortini gears up to put out his sixth solo LP, and ahead of the release this Friday he dropped a new single, “Vincere,” which translates to ‘to win’ in Italian. The video features old super 8 footage of Cortini as a child, matching the warmth of the guided ambience of the track. Pre-order Avanti on Point of Departure Records.  Continue reading

polyvinylrecords: The new Palehound video for “Room” is pretty dang incredible. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and say it’s the best video on the internet, at this very moment. Sorry to all the other videos out there, but you honestly need to step up your game.  Illustrated and animated by Rozalina Burkova. Watch the whole thing below and read more about how Palehound’s Ellen … Continue reading

The minimalist approach to electro-pop that Love Inks had in their music has not been abandoned in their latest venture, T.P.A.G. This time, though, they replaced synths with sliding guitars and the result is bronze-tinged warmth. Their latest EP is available for streaming and on cassette on Bandcamp.  Minimal Western by T. P. A. G. Continue reading