Gabriella Cohen is filled with whimsy in everything she does. Her new record has more than its fair share of delicious and delightful lo-fi ditties, and the video for “Baby” raises more questions than it answers, but that’s not the point. Buy the album on Bandcamp.  If I had the skills, I’d make the green ghosts into more Gabys because it’s what the world needs right … Continue reading

The future is bright for twig twig Originally appeared on the 405, view archived article here.  If you heard “It’s Late,” the previous track from twig twig off his forthcoming darkworld gleaming LP, then you’ll be familiar with the artist’s unsettling optimism. Saccharine, computer-generated sounds are his cornerstone, and his next single is forward-thinking. Read more.  twig twig | buy darkworld gleaming | website | Facebook | … Continue reading

twig twig depicts unsettling bouts of insomnia with toy sounds in “It’s Late” Originally appeared on the 405, view archived article here.  You may have seen Zubin Hensler travelling with The Westerlies as Fleet Foxes’ horn section, or noticed him contributing to tracks by Son Lux, Daniel Rossen, and Half Waif. He’s known for his expertise as a trumpeter, but he also has a passion … Continue reading

sawdustandgin: polyvinylrecords: The new Palehound video for “Room” is pretty dang incredible. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and say it’s the best video on the internet, at this very moment. Sorry to all the other videos out there, but you honestly need to step up your game.  Illustrated and animated by Rozalina Burkova. Watch the whole thing below and read more about how Palehound’s … Continue reading

The Stranger published a beautiful piece about Katherine Paul, aka Black Belt Eagle Scout, delving into the personal stories behind her newest record, Mother of My Children, as well as the impact of the music itself, which is evidently profound, given the single, “Indians Never Die.” Paul herself is part of the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community, and she has said of the track: “It’s a call … Continue reading

Helen Ganya Brown toured with Fear of Men last year, and now has a lo fi project of her own ready to debut this Friday. Using the moniker Dog in the Snow, she explores a series of juxtapositions, discussing her identity and other social anxieties in tracks like “Consume Me” and “Child” (below). Grab the LP, Consume Me, this Friday on Battle Worldwide.  Continue reading

Clowns are supposed to bring joy to children, but what we’ve noticed recently is that the make up can hide something far more sinister. Not to say any of the painfully British clowns in Brenda’s video for “Children” are prone to become homicidal, but seeing them with smartphones, expressionless and uninterested, does remind us that their happiness is all an act.  Continue reading