LANKS and Eremin’s Newest Masterpiece

sngalbums: LANKS is not a new name for SnG. He was relatively under my radar for awhile, having shared some great singles but lost among the constant bombardment of new records and live shows. What made me really pay attention was an innocent tweet some months ago, declaring he would be collaborating with Andrei Eremin, a talented up and coming producer that I’ve also been … Continue reading LANKS and Eremin’s Newest Masterpiece

findasongblog: Discovery of the day: cln – Owls via Mammal Sounds Australian producer Callan Alexander. “Life can get really busy. It’s very easy to stress, and get worked up about things that aren’t really that important. Your mind gets to a point where it has too many things to worry about, and as a result you don’t have time to just sit back and be … Continue reading