Team Me – “Green Crystal Rain on a Star”

This Norwegian group has been a favorite of mine for over a decade, and they are the epitome of youthful bliss. Their music always takes me all the way back, way before I started listening to their music, back to when I was just a kid fumbling around in a world I had yet to understand (not that I’ve figured it out since then).

Team Me’s recent video series hits the bullseye of my nostalgia. An 8-year-old named Theo took over their channel and the band paired his experiences with their new singles. He’s usually in the most lush garden I have ever seen, always looking down. In “Crystal Rain,” the footage is slowed and cropped to synchronize when Theo thrusts rainwater into the air with an explosion of sound. It’s as if he’s playing god from ground-level, with a blissful focus on joy and wonder. Team Me has always had Theo energy.

Team Me | website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Spotify

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