The Space Wanderer and TTilawok align perfectly as Rymdeko

There are still many things to celebrate despite time feeling like it’s come to a halt. For instance, Postseason Franchise Records has just issued its very first vinyl release; the pressing is the debut EP from the new project of label founders Nicholas Comaratta and TJ Perrin (aka The Space Wanderer and TTilawok, respectively). They named the project and the EP Rymdeko, which translates to “space echo” from Swedish, which is all you need to know to understand its astral flair. The record is out now and copies can be purchased on Bandcamp

Few things are more satisfying than a perfect collaboration; the Space Wanderer and TTilawok are a natural fit. Their individual styles may not be polar opposites, but they do operate in differing techno schools of thought. Wanderer makes quick-paced dance music, where slow melodies bloom in unexpected places. Nostalgia marks TTilawok’s 2018 record, Into Memory, created by fairly-spaced and judgment-free beats. Rymdeko is an apparent mixing of their sounds, with hallmarks of each prominent across the EP, and it is significantly more than the best of both worlds. 

“Rygerfjord” is their opus, for now at least: it is an inventive track that begs for the return of raves (or any group activities). Tones swiftly change without losing rhythm or dropping a beat—a feat, considering one particular vein pulses slightly behind the main bass. Toward the end an arc begins that sustains through to “LsSR3,” the track that follows. It is there that we hear gurgling high pitches that suggest unwanted sentience. Non-living cells plead with us to save the natural world’s beauty, knowing that they themselves are the opposite. 

Perhaps the narrative on Rymdeko is all in my head, but their dedication to environmental issues is embedded in their mission for the label, Postseason Franchise Records. Broadly, they have stated that their passion is “making a difference in the ongoing battle to fight deforestation and support climate health.” They have taken action in several ways in the past and are currently donating one dollar from each Rymdeko record sold both digitally and physically to the Coalition for Rainforest Nations. Grab your copy today. 

Rymdeko | buy s/t EP | Bandcamp

Postseason Franchise Records | website | Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

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