Che’s Shuco EP is a quilted electronica tapestry



As far as labels go, Astro Nautico destroys the game every year. Their output is wonderfully eclectic and a release always tends to stick with me come December, like L’Rain or Photay in years past. Che’s Shuco EP took the cake this year, having nestled into my ears and created a home among my memories.

The short release starts with a hesitant and thoroughly mechanical melody, which takes us to the dimly lit space where the tapestry on the cover hangs. Like in the framed collage, many colors come through the music, with marigold hums coming through in “Baths” and silver strums in “My Last Gut.” The pace is easygoing. I frequently forget that the EP has vocals, but in “Bones” and “Pickle Eyes” they sneak up on you. The surprise experience doesn’t dampen the music production at all, but instead reminds that someone just like you put their time and feeling into this material. That small tug of humanity keeps me coming back for more.

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Best Albums of 2018

9. cheShuco EP

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