Best Songs of 2018: 14. “max”


“max” and his terrible, no good, ‘Shitty Ass Day’

Originally appeared on the 405

Named after the Maurice Sendak character from Where the Wild Things Are, “max” is the DIY project of New York-based Sebastien Labossiere, a student who creates music in his spare time. … The first few seconds of the new track drone ominously, setting the tone well for a song called “Shitty Ass Day.” The tale is told as a two-part Greek tragedy. The first half is entirely consumed with the dissolution of a relationship, which not only leaves him heartbroken but also in pain, as she had been “treating me like nothing.” Labossiere’s self-harmonies mirror the emotional path of the lyrics, as if amplifying the feeling. The drone shifts during a twenty second interlude to a lonesome synth melody, evoking a disarming calm that propels the rest of the song.

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“max” | Instagram | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

Best Songs of 2018

14. “max” – “Shitty Ass Day” 

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