Shit I Missed Last Year and This Year’s Honorable Mentions: Sidney Gish

Shit I Missed:
Sidney Gish – No Dogs Allowed

Sidney Gish thought she could avoid this year-end rigamarole by putting out No Dogs Allowed on the final day of 2017, but joke’s on her because I don’t actually care about when things were released. This record kicks ass. When I listened the first time, I saw it as a silly, joke record. While laughs abound, after more consideration, this stands as an indie rock achievement. Every element is in perfect proportion: production value is rough-around-the-edges like the best garage rock; Gish’s lyricism documents the mundane with inspiration; and the small sound bytes in between keep your attention. I fully expect to promote Gish to the top album list next year when she inevitably puts out a record that blows everyone else out of the water.

Sidney Gish | buy No Dogs Allowed | website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

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