Music for Films represents a distinct era of Eno

brian eno

Originally appeared on the 405 as part of a four-part retrospective honoring the recent re-issues of several of Brian Eno’s back catalog. View this archived article here

Brian Eno knows a unique level of fame. He has worked with innumerable other prolific musicians, having been close friends with characters such as David Bowie, Robert Fripp, and David Byrne. He has produced for the mega-famous like Coldplay and U2 as well as for artists like Owen Pallett and James Blake who have more niche audiences. The breadth of sound across his studio records is mind-numbing, especially when you consider just how much of it contributes to contemporary music. He even invented the term ”generative music” several decades into his career which came to define not only his work, but the work of ambient artists everywhere. Indeed, Eno is the most influential musician alive today. 

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Brian Eno | explore the re-issues | website 

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