Dan Sadin is Ready to Tell His Own Stories with His Debut Solo Project


Originally appeared on Grimy Goods

Dan Sadin is a talented guitarist ready to put his name on his own work after years of recording and touring with other acts. He primarily is known for his role in FRENSHIP, and has also worked with the likes of Sabrina Claudio, Jessie Ware, and MØ, but it is his new solo project that he is predictably most excited and proud to release. His debut self-titled EP comes out this Friday.

I had the chance to pick Dan’s brain about coming into his own as a solo artist, continuing his grandfather’s legacy, rediscovering his own creativity, as well as the role of politics in music. 

Read an excerpt below. Full article here

Dan Sadin | 6/28 @ Lodge Room | website | Facebook | Twitter | InstagramYouTube | Soundcloud

You go by ‘Sadin’ to honor your maternal grandfather, someone who shares a lot of your character traits as a dedicated player and songwriter. Can you talk about what his legacy meant to you when you were young, and how it fuels you today?

Dan Sadin: Music has always been intertwined with the memory of my Grandpa. I can recall many foggy scenes of him playing at his Baldwin grand piano. His fingertips would scratch the finish from headboard, as he sang songs to both my brother and me about a pelican named Peter, marching ants, and other children’s fantasies. He passed away when I was pretty young. Those memories, a few old tape cassettes, and some sheet music are pretty much all I have left of him.

Your music channels a lot of my dad’s favorite artists, like Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, but you take it to a modern place. What influences you outside of music?

Dan Sadin: My dad is an architect and when I was young, he would ask me to lend a hand while he worked on projects around the house. I’m grateful for all of that tactile experience and love to build things, especially furniture. I built my own garage studio with a friend – it’s where I record. It has a real, special cabin-like vibe, and it’s become one of my favorite rooms to work in. There’s something rewarding about it: creating in a space that you’ve built yourself.

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