Francine Thirteen Reclaims Her Vices Ahead of Her Show at the Standard

Photo: Dior Divine. Graphic Design: Kat Alyst.

Originally appeared on Grimy Goods

To understand ritual pop artist Francine Thirteen, one must open up to ideas of feminism that would make the virtuous cringe. Francine Thirteen wants to recontextualize and redefine lust and power, two aspects of womanhood that have been exploited in centuries past.

Ahead of her performance next week at the Standard, we were able to ask her a few questions about how she carries the weight of her role as a witch, what goes into her performance, and her new EP, Lust Heals, Give Me My Sin Again.  

Read an excerpt below. Full article here

Francine Thirteen | 6/20 @ the StandardLust Heals, Give Me My Sin Again EP | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Soundcloud

You sing of sins and taboo in a way that glorifies womanhood, destroying the idea that only straight-laced rule-abiders deserve love and respect. Why was it important for you to address this nuance of feminism?

Francine Thirteen: I live that nuance. I can remember being a virgin and still being perceived as and accused of being ‘fast’ because of my shape and my mannerisms and the clothing I was drawn to. When I finally acted on my sexuality, that early perception and those early accusations affected me in ways I didn’t anticipate they would. Guilt rushed in after pleasure and I knew I had to save myself. Pleasure is the true inheritance, not shame.

There is an old marketing maxim that we all know: “sex sells.” What is your take? Can we sell sex and still reclaim it?

F13: Sex absolutely sells. But, it’s very important to be clear about who’s getting paid. I think it’s also very important to develop the intellectual/spiritual fortitude to withstand the judgement that comes inevitably, because no matter how we choose to express or not express our sexuality, women are judged automatically.

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