A new, mysterious project called evil bone appeared in my inbox a few months ago and has finally dropped his debut single, “in vain.” evil bone, who also goes by nick, explained that the track addresses anxiety, which he himself experiences frequently and acutely. He released a full statement about the song, which I think is best read in his own words: 

“hello, my name is nick and this is my newest music project, evil bone. this is a solo project – all instrumentation and vocals are performed by myself.

in order for me to convey what i want people to take from this record, my choice of words are of high importance to me. music alone has the ability evoke feeling, but to truly paint the picture i wanted to, i’ve chosen topics that are close to my heart. for this particularly piece, the topic is anxiety, something that i have struggled with for many years, something that has burdened my soul and held me back from being completely who i would like to be.

anxiety disorder can take over your day to day life, by your side at all times. it holds you hostage – you begin to wonder what life is like on the outside. wouldn’t it be great to be free!? …or would it? maybe this is it now. maybe i should just get used to it. stockholm syndrome starts to take hold and you begin to ask questions. would i be the same person? maybe i need this disorder, maybe it’s who i truly am! NO! this isn’t right, i don’t want to be like this! curse this plague!

like a former lover that won’t leave you be, sometimes you get sucked back in before you even realise it. it makes your head spin, but maybe that’s not entirely a bad thing? your own warped view of the world. more often than not, however, it is both mentally and physically crippling, and though you may try to fight it, your efforts to extinguish these feelings are often in vain.”

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