Her Own Imposter: A Conversation with Dresage


Originally appeared on the 405, view archived article here

“Do you ever feel like you’re just an impersonation of yourself?” Keeley Bumford, an LA-based musician who goes by the moniker Dresage, peers at me over a cup of coffee as I fumble with my phone. We’re discussing the use of visuals in her new project, and I’m trying to show her a music video, though it’s taking too long to load. After a beat, I laugh at her question and try to respond, but before we can explore her musing, the video finally starts to play, cutting us off. I had pulled up ‘Califone’ by No Joy as an example of a low-budget video that’s gained popularity among small bands, a style that I felt would particularly resonate with Bumford: it generally consists of stock imagery, stitched together as spontaneously and cleverly as her own project. For now, Dresage has only released two songs, but the music is just the tip of the iceberg; everything forthcoming is worth your eager anticipation.

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