Fink’s Fearless Resurgam


Fearlessness is not just doing the extraordinary; often it can mean the exact opposite. One must know fear in order to overcome it, after all, and small, deliberate steps will still lead you out of the woods. Why not follow the rhythm of Fink’s new record Resurgam?

This record is an ethereal rebirth. Each track is stripped back and played in seemingly half-time, fast enough to bob your head to, but slow enough for your focus to imperceptibly fade, lost in the music. Fink doesn’t stray too far from their back catalogue with this approach, but something about Resurgam gets under your skin and haunts the inside of your skull. “I will rise up, I will rise again,” Fin Greenall sings in the opening (title) track. Over the course of these ten tracks, he seems to do just that.

Guitars, drums, and vocals rule this record, but it is the subtleties between these elements that give it such power. Synth whines in time with tracks “Not Everything Was Better in the Past” and “Godhead,” giving them each unique depth, the latter as a projection of the intangibility of a higher power. But I don’t want to devalue the guitar work on Resurgam either; on “Day 22,” it sneaks up behind you with metal riffs. It makes sense that the track is about the cruelty of sobriety. Perhaps the most memorable moment on the record is at the beginning of “This Isn’t a Mistake,” when several voices mixed in surround sound to confuse your ears the first time you hear it. This is not a mistake, it is simply existence.

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