HDLSS Dumb It Down With Nuanced Complexity

Originally appeared on Grimy Goods

We currently live in a culture of rabid misinformation. Talking heads try to convince us that our feelings are equivalent to facts. Truth is virtually meaningless. It will take decades to confront and undo these issues, and in all likelihood they will never actually be eradicated. And yet we still must fight, through whatever action we can. Artists have been making politically charged music to take on every new crisis, whether political or humanitarian (though often both). In that vein, HDLSS (formerly Headless Horseman) have written a record that seems to subvert expectations on every front: they confront issues both internal and external to make a statement about society, using oft-villainized pop tropes to prove their points.

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(For more in depth information on each track, read the play-by-play on Self-Titled Mag.)

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