Originally premiered on Grimy Goods.

Vector Xing is far from the electro pop project it once was. His most recent tracks to have come out this year reflect a man who has figured himself out. “I’ve spent too much time trying to discover who I really am to try and be someone else,” Cablayan told Soundchips last month.

In the wake of last week’s white supremacist march in Charlottesville, Virginia, the lyrics to “Funeral” cut quite a bit deeper. There will presumably be a service for Heather Heyer, who was murdered standing up to hate and bigotry. Though in this track Cablayan is specifically referring to acts of violence committed by police, the greater story of systematic racism includes the ideologies expressed by those marching on the UVA campus. We should all be frightened by this, not because it is shocking that organized racism poses a serious threat to our society–that’s something we should have already known,–but rather because the racists in question no longer perceive repercussions for their intolerance. We must show them that there indeed are repercussions, and that hate will never win.

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