Keep It Low 12″


Keep It Low by The Hundred in the Hands

2012, Warp Records

Dug up at Amoeba.


Track list:

A1. Keep It Low (3:35 edit)

A2. Keep It Low (Andy Stott remix)

A3. Keep It Low (AJD Twitch Optimo remix)

B1. Mountains

B2. Keep It Low (Patten remix)

B3. Keep It Low (AJD Twitch Optimo dub)

The Hundred in the
are a band for whom I have a very low-key love. When it comes down to
it, I only am familiar with the tracks that I was able to download for free
over the years, but everything I’ve heard proves how talented they are. This 12”
remix record is also pretty damn dope.

When perusing the dollar vinyl at Amoeba, I came across this
wacky sleeve, which has characters that can only be seen in the light. I
examined it and noticed Andy Stott’s
name on the back, which made my heart jump. Faith
in Strangers
is a body of music that is both inspiring and also would
probably make me spiral downward within myself if I were on acid while
listening. I was thrilled to now own something he had done.

If Stott makes the most contemplative remix on this record, JD Twitch, under the lengthy moniker
AJD Twitch Optimo, makes the most exciting remixes. Yes, remixes plural- both
sides feature a remix of “Keep It Low” by Twitch, but they differ slightly, at
least to my ears. Both have the itchy twitch that we come to expect from
someone who takes his namesake from that very sound. Both round out the sides
well, and make for repeated listens.  

The Hundred in the
: website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Andy Stott: Facebook |

JD Twitch: website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | YouTube


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