Best Songs of 2020: 1. def.sound & Zhao

sawdustandgin: Bouncy bars travel along smooth terrain before reaching a mystical destination. Get electrocuted by love, courtesy of Def Sound and Zhao.  Best Songs of 20201. def.sound – “STRUCK!” produced by Zhao The friendships I forged with both def.sound and Zhao stoke the fire of my love for this track—”STRUCK!“ is energized by life, love, and art. My relationship with these artists may have been eroded by … Continue reading Best Songs of 2020: 1. def.sound & Zhao

Zhao spreads good vibes in new single “Feeling Today” Originally appeared on the 405, view archived article here.  Imagine the charm of someone able to ask you how you’re doing and wish you a good day all in the same breath. You have just conjured Zhao, a producer and songwriter from the suburbs of Atlanta. He has been releasing singles methodically, having put out a … Continue reading