Cub Sport, d’aprés Cub Sport

Originally appeared as ‘The 405 meets Cub Sport’ on the 405; view archived article here.  The road to Cub Sport’s self-titled record has been anything but smooth. The band went through a moniker change, split from their label, and weathered personal revelations as they penned and released two EPs and two full-lengths too. Now LP3 is upon us, and represents a fuller, more introspective group of … Continue reading Cub Sport, d’aprés Cub Sport

iheartmoosiq: Teeth & Tongue’s Turn, Turn, Turn has received an eye popping and somewhat unsettling music video treatment. Considering my love of the glamorous spinning tune, we’re going to listen to the track together one more time. The New Zealand based project bewitches with a combination of dark funk, gritty punk, and synthy rock, coming off like a rhapsodic fusion of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and … Continue reading