Watch EE Beyond Roar In “Dreamer’s Howl” Video Originally appeared on Grimy Goods.  For a relatively unknown project, the persona of EE Beyond has found a bold and distinct niche. Following in the footsteps of artists like Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill, the LA-based artist born Elaine Faye reckons with her life through music. Her debut EP, Watercolor Lies, is packed with societal commentary and … Continue reading

Get “Messy” With Eva B. Ross on Her Debut Single Originally appeared on Grimy Goods.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could fix our problems before we face them? Local songwriter Eva B. Ross wrote her debut single about that very thought. The song, “Messy,” will appear on her forthcoming EP, which features just as many light-hearted melodies as you’ll find in this track. Watch Ross … Continue reading

Less Is More on Tango With Lions’ Single, “Proof of Desire” Originally premiered on Grimy Goods.  The instrumentation on “Proof of Desire” is purposeful and sparse, just like the expressions reflected in the face of the protagonist in the video. Two guitars linger nearby while Papachristou’s voice adds to the deliberately paced melody. After two verses, the music seems to reach an impasse, as our story … Continue reading

Paul Bergmann Gives So Much on Nothing At All

sngalbums: My love for Paul Bergmann came about accidentally. He shared a bill at the Bootleg in August of 2016 with strong favorite of mine at the time, Oh Pep!; I hadn’t heard his music or even his name before the show, so I had no reason to anticipate anything revelatory. But once he began playing, I was instantly drawn to his sultry voice, expert … Continue reading Paul Bergmann Gives So Much on Nothing At All

sawdustandgin: This new track from Aaron Roche, titled “Like Why I,” leaves me in disbelief each time I hear it. And considering the brilliance of the video that accompanies it, it’s easy to see why I keep coming back for more. This track will appear on Roche’s new album HaHa HuHu, due out later this year.  Favorite Music Videos of 2017 4. Aaron Roche – Like … Continue reading