The Bitch Is an Icon: A Conversation with Leo Paparella of Iconique

Originally appeared on Grimy Goods.  Queer culture has its own vocabulary. In the ballroom scene, the term “legendary” is not meant as an exaggeration—it is reserved for veterans who dominate the runway every time they grace it. RuPaul has taught straight, white audiences terms like “read” and “shade.” Then there are celebrities who earn their own qualifier: it takes a certain personality and stage presence … Continue reading The Bitch Is an Icon: A Conversation with Leo Paparella of Iconique

If You “Really Wanna Disco,” Keep an Eye Out to See Iconique Live Originally appeared on Grimy Goods.  Iconique is an aptly named disco act, full of confidence and devoid of apology. Those traits define the band’s frontman, Leo Paparella, who hopes that their latest single will educate the masses about the true origin and purpose of disco. “Do You Really Wanna Disco?” will appear … Continue reading

EP III Caps Off a Trilogy of Releases from Yumi Zouma Originally appeared on Grimy Goods.  Technology united the four friends of New Zealand’s Yumi Zouma in their early beginnings. Their debut EP came together over email and file sharing, and was received with indie acclaim across the blogosphere. Four-and-a-half years later, the band closes a chapter of their career with the release of the … Continue reading

We posted a lot of music in August.  To make it easier to listen without having to click back and forth between posts, we made three playlists using all music (available on Soundcloud) that graced the blog in the past 31 days. The playlists are curated with attention to genre and feeling. This one is:  BLUEelectronica and soul Source: SoundCloud / Sawdust and Gin Continue reading

I haven’t done a double feature on SnG in awhile, and it seems most appropriate to jump back in with the greatness of AIDA. She’s a spunky pop musician from France that has now moved to Canada, but she hasn’t lost her native tongue; “Tu me rends fou” makes for a fantastic introduction to her grooves.  Continue reading