G.Smith – “Mona Lisa”

G.Smith Exits Through the Gift Shop on New Single “Mona Lisa” Originally appeared on Grimy Goods.  The remnants of a relationship will lay shattered until someone chooses to sweep it away or examine each shard for closure. Each one is a prism, refracting its history into distinct stories. On her new single, premiering on Grimy Goods today, G.Smith tries to make sense of a breakup, … Continue reading G.Smith – “Mona Lisa”

The minimalist approach to electro-pop that Love Inks had in their music has not been abandoned in their latest venture, T.P.A.G. This time, though, they replaced synths with sliding guitars and the result is bronze-tinged warmth. Their latest EP is available for streaming and on cassette on Bandcamp.  Minimal Western by T. P. A. G. Continue reading

Caroline Polachek of Chairlift wrote and recorded “The Boy Who I’ll See Again” for MAKE as part of their Naxos Concept Collection. The visual concept was based on classic surrealist art, and the song tells a tale of the Greek moon goddess Endymion. This is as beautiful as a song about beauty can be. Continue reading