Hyperion Drive – “Being of a Mountain”

Whatever’s Clever released the first in a series of benefit compilations in May. Proceeds for each record in the series will go toward an initiative selected democratically among the label’s staff. This month, they will donate to the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF), an organization that works intersectionally to provide support for those facing financial or logistical barriers to abortion access. The album, and … Continue reading Hyperion Drive – “Being of a Mountain”

Melodic and Ambient, Gathering the Light Reflects Life

Nature is a strong influence. All around us, regardless of the specific environment, we are experiencing our surroundings; life creates its own music in genres that the industry would call ambient, or naturalist. Field recordings, also occasionally affectionately called “found sounds,” offer a sense of hyper-reality that, paired with the music itself, paints a vivid story of the listener’s choosing. Motohiro Nakashima achieves all this … Continue reading Melodic and Ambient, Gathering the Light Reflects Life

We posted a lot of music in August. To make it easier to listen without having to click back and forth between posts, we made three playlists using all music (available on Soundcloud) that graced the blog in the past 31 days. The playlists are curated with attention to genre and feeling. This one is: YELLOWexperimental, pop, orchestral, left-field electronica, freakfolk Source: SoundCloud / Sawdust and … Continue reading

If you recall the wild clip for Caroline Rose’s last single, “Money,” then you’ll be at least somewhat prepared for the nonsense that awaits you in her new music video. This time though, Rose insists she’s not a soldier but she’s got soul.  (I’m sorry everyone.) Continue reading

Honoring an Icon: Broad Summer Happenings Pays Tribute to Nico

sngshows: Jenny Hval Originally appeared on Grimy Goods. Words by me, photos by Jason Lindley.  If you’ve not yet been to the Broad downtown, consider a visit this summer at an installment of the aptly titled Summer Happenings at the Broad. The museum currently features a number of notable exhibits, including Jeff Koons with those picturesque tulips and Michael Jackson and Bubbles; several pieces by … Continue reading Honoring an Icon: Broad Summer Happenings Pays Tribute to Nico

Somasu recently released his new record, Occassionalesque, and to put it lightly: it’s a left-field hip hop fever dream. The production varies widely on each track due to the rotation of producers but Somasu’s off-kilter lyrical structure somehow holds it together. Listen in full on Soundcloud.  Source: SoundCloud / Somasu Continue reading