Forest Swords put out a new record back in May titled Compassion, and new singles “Congregate” and “Free” are the latest tracks from that studio session to be released. The former features experimental vocal chants as melodies and compressed hisses for percussion, and together the track becomes remarkably meditative. All proceeds go to ongoing and future aid work in Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and Mexico, … Continue reading

Let me catch you up. Nathan Fake is a producer from the UK, whose techno beats have leaned industrial lately, especially on his latest LP, Providence. His career’s fourth full-length and first out on Ninja Tune, on Providence he layers oversaturated bass lines atop one another, morphing his usual intergalactic melodies into something slightly more sinister for the project. The record came out in March, but Nathan … Continue reading

Are Our Gods Best? Ruminating on Emay’s New LP, Ilah

sngalbums: Originally appeared on Grimy Goods.  Adams worked mostly solo on this record. A few guests contribute on the refrains, grounding the lofty project, but never detract attention away from what is largely autobiographical. Emay also produced all the backing tracks throughout Ilah, filling it with chopped drums and spliced samples for a unique listening experience, if not an acquired taste. The album’s production is … Continue reading Are Our Gods Best? Ruminating on Emay’s New LP, Ilah

Hopelessness in the Face of Injustice

If you hated Jenny Hval’s feminist commentary noted earlier on this best of the year list, you may not enjoy ANOHNI’s contribution either. Then again, if you hated Blood Bitch because the ideas were too amorphous, then Hopelessness may be exactly the album for you. To mention one without the other would be a dismissal of intersectionality in today’s music industry, but this is not … Continue reading Hopelessness in the Face of Injustice

Jenny Hval, Feminist Vampire

sngalbums: I wouldn’t mind writing about Jenny Hval every year. The Norwegian artist has been around the block, but remains relatively quiet in a provocative niche, where industrial electronics meet political performance art. Her 2015 LP, Apocolypse, girl, was a great introduction to her work, and did make my top albums list of that year. Now she’s back on SnG due to the mastery of … Continue reading Jenny Hval, Feminist Vampire

Emay caught my attention with “Israfil,” or Angel’s Trumpet, an industrial rap of great personal significance. On his new single, “Bakkah,” he drifts further into spoken word, discussing the foundations of human emotion, touching on the necessity of religion and class struggles. His highly anticipated debut album Ilah is due out soon, though no release date has been announced.  Continue reading