One of the most intense weeks of Bret Bohman’s life is depicted in his video for recent single “Hope,” layering the already harrowing experience. He explains:  “I wrote ‘Hope’ during a week when I was waiting for some test results regarding a biopsy from tissue on my arm. It was nerve-wracking as you might imagine and writing the piece helped me calm down. The video, however, … Continue reading

Neon Prayers reckons with his thoughts on new single “Incomplete” Originally appeared on the 405, view archived article here.  What completes you? It may be music, hence your interest in this article, or it may be any number of other infinite possibilities. Perhaps it would be easier to think of how you feel incomplete, and work your way backward to figure it out. When we … Continue reading

I first noticed dd elle on a random playlist that featured his remix of “The Bells” by Lowell. I hadn’t heard the original bubbly track, but this worked in my favor; I was instantly drawn to the sparse nature of the production which was entirely dd elle’s doing. The first single off of his forthcoming record suggests that we are in for a truly profound … Continue reading