Motherhood by No Joy is a Fiery and Unflinching Saga

Prior to last year, I was only ever tangentially familiar with No Joy. I was vague with Wait To Pleasure and slightly more accustomed to “Califone,” and so I came to know them as a general ‘rock’ band. Imagine my surprise when I read a few reviews of Motherhood that classified the band as shoegaze. (I take my quarantine drama where I can.) Granted, most … Continue reading Motherhood by No Joy is a Fiery and Unflinching Saga

Doug DeLuca Hits the Mark With Debut Single and Music Video Originally appeared on Grimy Goods.  If you’re having doubts about your success or lack thereof, Doug DeLuca’s new music video for “Hit Your Mark” will cheer you up. It tells the story of a door-to-door vacuum salesman trying to score a sale from a married woman who is more interested in scoring…other things. The … Continue reading

R.R. Perkins has been writing and recording instrumental grooves such as the track above for under a year, and now he has four volumes of material to his name. He has compiled his personal favorites into this YouTube playlist vid, but you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t visit his Bandcamp and download what’s available there as well.  Source: Bandcamp Continue reading