TheKhue and the Experiments of a Working Stiff

Photo courtesy of the artist Originally appeared on Irvine Weekly.  The daytime hustle of an artist does not define them. Ask them what they do and their secondary answer may include terms like “day job” or “paycheck,” but rarely “career.” It carries too much weight. It suggests that so-called work life is fulfilling and secure. It pretends that there is only one path in a … Continue reading TheKhue and the Experiments of a Working Stiff

Chopped up beats and beeps are the core of Benjamin Munoz’s early 2017 track, “Melle,” which proved to only be a promotional single leading into his June EP, Fear and Its Variants. This did not appear on that record, but “Melle” still stands out as some of Munoz’s most enlightened work.  Best Songs of 2017 7. Benjamin Munoz – Melle Benjamin Munoz | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram … Continue reading

Last week, folks across the country collectively burned their retinas by staring at the solar eclipse, a phenomenon that also serves as the principal image and namesake of Emmit Fenn’s newest EP. On the single, “What We Once Were,” glitchy melodies form a hazy view of the past, while the video indicates a leap into a dystopian future.  Continue reading